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Four fists bumping to demonstrate partnership

Your Partnership Matters (Video)

Partnership Creates Life-saving Transformations in Uganda

Picture of women in Uganda that have been helped by our philanthropic partners.

Photo courtesy: International Justice Mission®

IntelliTect clients, thanks for being indirect allies in our worldwide philanthropic efforts!

We devote a significant portion of our profits to the fight against extreme poverty around the world. Lives are changing as a result of the care our philanthropic partner organizations provide. Their focus on longterm solutions to not only help individuals out of poverty but also empower them so they can take charge of their futures is so valuable. Check out out philanthropy blog for more about the organizations we align with.

It’s important to note that these partnerships are a direct result of our clients’ continued trust in us to help them succeed in their technical endeavors.

We wanted to share an update that we recently received about an ongoing program with the International Justice Mission (IJM) that helps widows suffering extreme gender violence in Uganda. Check out the IJM website for more info on this project.

Your Partnership Matters (Video)

“Thank you for your tremendous generosity that means so much to our team at IJM and is truly life-changing for our survivors…and for those that will never have to know the terror and oppression of violence and threats in the first place, thanks to your care.”

David McNicol, national director of strategic partnerships for International Justice Mission (IJM)

We want to empower those that are suffering extreme injustice around the world, and we couldn’t do that without our clients. Again, thanks!

Want to Learn More About IJM?

IJM is fighting to end slavery, for good! Watch this video about the work they’re doing around the world.

Interested in Joining Our Philanthropic Partnership?

We’d love all the help we can get! Email our philanthropy coordinator, Eric Edmonds, for more info.

Written by Erin Wissing.