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Developing with devcontainers - a spokane devops meetup

Video: Developing with DevContainers

Quickly Create a Development Environment With DevContainers

The goal behind DevContainers is not to solve the “works on my machine” problem. Rather, it allows developers to create a consistent development environment for projects. It’s important to note that these environments can be reused or shared with other team members.

Check out the full video from the March 2021 Spokane .NET Users Group on Developing with DevContainers.

In this video, Michael Stokesbary shows you how to create a simple DevContainer and make some modifications to it to fit your development needs. Then, he examines some of the pre-existing containers and shows you how to use them in an already created project. Finally, he touches on some of the issues that usually crop up when developing an ASP.NET Core application and explains how to get SSL configured on your machine for local development.

Unfortunately, Michael didn’t have time to cover Raspberry Pi deployment. He discusses what it takes to get an application deployed out to a Raspberry Pi. He also reviews the needed steps to configure Nginx and systems for hosting and managing the deployed application.

Written by Erin Wissing.

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