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VS 2019

What’s New in Visual Studio 2019 (Slides)

New Features

Curious about the new features in Visual Studio 2019?

I recently gave a talk that has the answers you need.

I break down the new features of Visual Studio at Techorama, 2019.

Recently, I traveled to the Netherlands to talk about the new features of Visual Studio 2019 at Techorama, Netherlands a great annual international software development conference.

In my “What’s New in Visual Studio 2019” session, I explained how this year’s release continues improving the developer experience. Topics included:

  • Code cleanup particularly how to leverage editorconfig files or analyzers
  • Enhanced debugging
  • Improved pull request workflow
  • IntelliCode’s AI support, particularly focusing on better IntelliSense, code analytics and focused hot spots

This session helped developers learn about the new projects that come with .NET Core 3.

View the presentation slides.

Want more?

In addition to reviewing the slides, consider joining our upcoming tech event in Spokane, Washington. Check out Eventbrite for more info or to register. I will present a lot of the same information there, just in case you were not able to make it out to Techorama, Netherlands.

Invite graphic for our 2019 Visual Studio event.