Mark Michaelis

Mark Michaelis Principal, CEO, Chief Technical Architect

A premier authority in Microsoft development technologies with recognized coding expertise and proven training methods, IntelliTect’s CEO delivers customized strategic technology consulting to CIOs, technology executives, and industry leaders. Recognized by Microsoft as a Regional Director since 2007 and distinguished Microsoft MVP for C# for twenty-five years, this leader is also an adjunct professor at Eastern Washington University, founder of the Spokane .NET Users Group, organizer of the Spokane DevOps Meetup, and co-organizer of the annual TEDx Coeur d’Alene events.


Continually architecting new projects and ideas, this regular speaker at developer conferences around the world and author of numerous articles and books* enjoys giving back to his developer community. With a Bachelor of Arts in Philosophy from the University of Illinois and a Masters in Computer Science from the Illinois Institute of Technology, this entrepreneur continues to attract elite team members that deliver quality solutions on time, in scope, and within budget. 


When not bonding with his computer, this architect is searching for his next adventure with his wife Elisabeth and three children, Benjamin, Hanna, and Abigail.


*The seventh edition of Essential C# 8.0 is now available. Find out more at


Blogs by Mark

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The Philosophy Behind IntelliTect’s Philanthropy

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IntelliTect’s New Normal During the Pandemic

Pandemic Effects The pandemic is redefining normal, forcing us to move out of our comfort zones, look for potential pivots, and optimize the circumstances into an opportunity. This response to the pandemic takes on several forms for us. We’re Expanding! While most of our team continues to work from home, we’ve begun construction in the […]