Locking a Block of Code With an Integer

June 27, 2016 / No Comment

I was talking with a developer recently who was convinced that you could use a static integer variable to lock a block of code merely by casting it to an object, like this

First it must be noted that an integer cannot be used by itself in a lock statement because it is a […]

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JSON serializer that doesn’t serialize other properties if Deleted is true

Wayne Creasey
May 13, 2016 / No Comment

I was recently working on a project using Azure Mobile Services (AMS) as the backend for our Android and iOS mobile apps. Using the built-in offline sync feature of AMS, you can delete records on the backend and when the mobile app synchronizes its data, the record will be deleted from the mobile device. While […]

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Native animation effects in Xamarin.Forms

May 12, 2016 / No Comment

Xamarin.Forms (XF) provides a cross platform API for doing animations. This makes it very easy to do simple animations of XF elements. There is, however, a downside. The XF animations do not make use of native platform APIs, rather they animate properties on the XF elements. This can cause significant overhead, since each change to […]

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.NET Core Dependency Injection

May 4, 2016 / 2 Comments

In my last two articles, Logging with .NET Core ( and Configuration with .NET Core (, I demonstrated how .NET Core functionality can be leveraged from both an ASP.NET Core project (project.json) as well as the more common .NET 4.6 C# project (*.csproj).  In other words, taking advantage of the new framework is not limited […]

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IntelliTect’s client wins award for Best CIS Implementation

April 27, 2016 / No Comment

IntelliTect is proud to announce that our long-time client, Avista Utilities, has won the 2016 ‘Expanding Excellence Award’ for Best CIS Implementation among utilities with gross revenues over $500 million. The award, presented by CS Week, is for CIS projects implemented during 2014-2015 and is granted to the utility that best demonstrates excellence and achievement […]

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Oracle Data Provider for .NET

Mark Salvino
April 26, 2016 / No Comment

Oracle Data Provider for .NET (ODP.NET) uses Object-relational mapping (ORM) to allow developers to write object-oriented code against a Model instead of writing direct queries into the database. With Entity Framework gaining full support from Microsoft and Microsoft developers, it is critical that there exists an ORM that works well with Entity Framework when required […]

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Essential .NET – Logging with .NET Core

April 7, 2016 / No Comment

In the February issue, I delved into the new configuration API included in the newly named .NET Core 1.0 platform (see (I assume most readers have heard about the recently renamed .NET Core 1.0, which was formerly referred to as .NET Core 5 and part of the ASP.NET 5 platform [see].) In that […]

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Xamarin Forms EnumBindablePicker

Wayne Creasey
April 5, 2016 / 2 Comments

One of the controls missing from Xamarin Forms is a “BindablePicker” that allows you to dynamically bind an ItemsSource and SelectedItem from your view model. Fortunately, the Xamarin forums provide a solution to this problem found here: The original implementation of this BindablePicker worked great as long as you had a list of strings […]

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Building Single Page Applications (SPA) with the Journey Framework

Grant Erickson
March 17, 2016 / No Comment

The Journey Framework is a great way for an MVC team to leverage their knowledge base for more dynamic applications and ease into the world of SPAs and JavaScript. We recently built an intranet application for compliance logging. The application allows the user to both enter and browse data related to events on the electrical […]

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Making Sense of AssemblyVersion Numbers

March 15, 2016 / No Comment

The components of a Microsoft DLL or EXE version number are Major, Minor, Build and Revision. According to Microsoft, the components are used by convention as follows: Major: Assemblies with the same name but different major versions are not interchangeable. A higher version number might indicate a major rewrite of a product where backward compatibility […]

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