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The Essential C# 7.0 book is almost here!

The newest edition of Mark Michaelis’ Essential C# book releases May 28th. “Mark is super smart, insists on understanding everything to the core, and has phenomenal insight into how things affect real developers. . . . He goes right to the essence and communicates with great integrity—no sugarcoating—and has a keen eye for practical value […]

Tracy Kelly

An influencer with integrity, IntelliTect’s people guru is a seasoned HR professional skilled in cultivating and growing positive business culture. Effectively managing and developing people, processes, and projects across all company functions, this HR manager is passionate about employee success, people operations, HR technology, and creating the best workplace environment there is. With almost two […]


Contact Us Create robust software and release new functionality with confidence. Marionette is an extensive toolkit and set of industry standard best practices for CC&B and MDM that allows users to automate tests, track execution, triage failures and present results to business partners. With the Marionette test automation tool suite, teams jump-start their testing efforts […]

Preparing for the Exponential Technology Revolution (VIDEO)

*UPDATE – Scroll for full video from my September 2019 presentation: Thriving in the Cyber-Physical Revolution. The world you know is about to change in profound and radical ways. A historic confluence of emerging technologies, powered by ubiquitous connectivity and advances like artificial intelligence (AI), are poised to complement and catalyze each other to change […]

The Evolutionary Changes of .NET Core 3 (Video)

As developers, our “cheese” is constantly moving. Everything is expanding outward, and we must continually study and dissect subjects like .NET Core 3 and C# 8.0, so we aren’t left behind. I discovered my love for writing software on an Atari 800 computer. At the time, the entire system was knowable. I thought that if […]

Congrats to Mark Michaelis for 22 years as an MVP!

Mark Michaelis has been awarded Microsoft’s Most Valuable Professional (MVP) Award for 2018-2019 in recognition of his exceptional technical community leadership! What’s a Microsoft MVP? According to, “MVPs are technology experts who passionately share their knowledge with the community. They are always on the ‘bleeding edge’ and have an unstoppable urge to get their […]

Purcell’s Manufacturing App Revamped & Streamlined for Efficiency

Challenge Purcell manufactures custom outdoor equipment enclosure solutions (cabinets). The details of the configuration vary depending on each customer’s requirements. Cabinets can be the size of a car with hundreds of components inside while others may be the size of a breadbox and only house one component. Purcell is so confident in their system that […]

The ‘Elegant-Innovative-Excellence’ of C#

Why C# should be part of your tooling arsenal   C# (pronounced C Sharp) is a language used in combination with Microsoft’s .NET framework for developing applications. “The open-sourced nature of C# and the framework that comes with it is pretty unique,” Mark Michaelis said during a recent interview on Code Chat. “What really makes […]