IntelliTect employee Tom Faust

Tom Faust Senior Software Engineer

Polished senior software engineer and web developer with proven ability to design and develop complex applications and improvements for major corporations and government organizations.  Passionate about formulating and implementing front-end custom web development solutions for large-scale enterprise clients. Skilled in multiple industries, including healthcare, business accounting, publishing, intelligent agents, public utilities, catalog and retail marketing, this conscientious developer uses his exemplary analytical/critical thinking, problem-solving skills and software experience to create reliable and maintainable systems.

Blogs by Tom

How To Set the Android Target APK Level for PhoneGap

Attain Hassle-Free Acceptance of Your Google Play Application with PhoneGap.   I’ve been working on a mobile task management application that is currently in Open Beta on Android, and as December was waning, I knew I needed to add a few months to the beta expiration date that was currently set to expire on December […]

Making Sense of AssemblyVersion Numbers

The components of a Microsoft DLL or EXE version number are Major, Minor, Build and Revision. According to Microsoft, the components are used by convention as follows: Major: Assemblies with the same name but different major versions are not interchangeable. A higher version number might indicate a major rewrite of a product where backward compatibility […]

Display a Custom Tooltip at the Mouse Position on a Large WPF Control

In my work for an electric utility, we have a WPF based map control used to show the location of power lines, along with other devices such as transformers and points of service. We wanted to show a tooltip when a user clicks on one of the power lines to identify what is called the […]