Employee Spotlight: Grant Erickson

Erin Wissing
May 20, 2019 / No Comment

A Puzzler Who Uses Software to Maximize Relationships
Whether you’ve worked with them for years or have never met our featured employee, this column will continue to introduce you to the many faces of IntelliTect. For this issue, we featured a developer with a keen sense for solving complex puzzles: Grant Erickson, CTO.
Grant’s desk is littered with little puzzles […]
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IntelliTect Today: Location, Location, Location

May 20, 2019 / No Comment

Building Culture with Location
For the last few years, the IntelliTect team has been working to relocate to a more permanent environment—a place to call our own in which we can permanently invest. With today’s commercial real estate market, finding a building that suited our needs was no small feat. Even after purchasing–easement issues, abatements and an unexpected flooding problem […]
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Agile Demystified: 7 Metrics to Assess Your Agile Practices

Grant Erickson
May 20, 2019 / No Comment

Agile development has evolved to become the norm for software projects. Many organizations are practicing agile with fantastic results. However, sometimes results are less than stellar. Assess your company’s agile practices with this quick checklist. Score 1 point for every answer you agree with.

1 Number of unit tests: Increasing
Your team is checking for more and more bugs […]
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Why We Give – Child Slavery Still Exists

May 20, 2019 / No Comment

How We’re Helping Fight Child Slavery in West Africa
Slavery still exists.
Around the world, children are one of the primary victims of slavery—especially those working in agriculture in developing countries. Since 2014, IntelliTect has partnered with International Justice Mission (IJM) to fight child slavery in the fishing industry on Lake Volta, Ghana.
Lake Volta is considered to be the […]
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Scrum Master Check-In: The Sprint Retrospective

May 20, 2019 / No Comment

Simple tricks to improve the Sprint retrospective.
New to Scrum? No problem.
Scrum is an agile methodology that allows developers to create working software early and often. Scrum Masters are servant leaders; we seek to guide one or many agile development teams through the Scrum process by facilitating Scrum ceremonies, removing team impediments, and orchestrating continuous improvement. It […]
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Video: Machine Learning including Agile Machine Learning

Erin Wissing
April 26, 2019 / No Comment

Get ready for a high-level primer on machine learning, including Azure Machine Learning.

Brian Uptagrafft, senior software engineer at IntelliTect, recently finished a project where he used machine learning to teach computers to accurately read electric meters. The task was tricky and required a lot of data, some creative problem-solving and a multi-faceted approach. He was intrigued by the […]
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Video: What’s New in ASP.NET Core 2.2

Erin Wissing
April 24, 2019 / No Comment

Who doesn’t like new features?
Michael Stokesbary, senior software architect and trainer at IntelliTect and C# instructor at Eastern Washington University, was excited about the performance enhancements made to ASP.NET Core 2.2. He wrote a blog about the simplified web API authentication and decided to share what he learned in even more detail with the Spokane .Net User Group on […]
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Decoupling – Making Your C# Program More Testable

April 23, 2019 / No Comment

 How and Why to Implement Decoupling Classes in Your Code

Decoupling is a strategy for writing testable code when dealing with hard-to-test classes and it can be an incredibly powerful tool to help you write clean, effective and bug-free code.
What Is Decoupling?
Decoupling is a coding strategy that involves taking the key parts of your classes’ functionality (specifically […]
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Painless Bug Testing through the Isolation of Variables

Mike Curn
March 9, 2019 / No Comment

Do you know why it’s crucial to catch your broken functionality before sending it to production?
QA resources waste time through long, protracted test efforts that try to hammer all of their bug testing through the UI at the end of (or after) development. One of the main problems with this approach is that it becomes tough to isolate […]
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Docker: Adding PostgreSQL to .Net Core – Part 2

March 6, 2019 / No Comment

In our last blog, we dug deep into all things Docker and learned how to scaffold our app. In this installment, we’ll break down what you need to know about Postgres and build out our API code.
Add Postgres To .NET Core
So far, we’ve written some basic startup scripts for our Gadget Depot project. You can get the final […]
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