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Below is a comprehensive list of all of the features IntelliWiki offers as well as upcoming features we plan to release. This list features all of the current IntelliWiki features grouped by wiki, page, or editing features.

Wiki Features

  • Option to add existing wikis in a new tab
  • Dark mode support
  • Auto dark mode based on teams settings
  • Library of keyboard shortcuts under the help menu
  • Wiki Roles
    •  Team owners – Full access
    • Wiki creator – Modify content, delete wiki
    • Team members (one of the following roles set by the creator or team owner)
      •  Modify content, permanently delete pages
      • Modify content
      • Read-only access
      • Free user read-only access – Applies to free trial or unsubscribed users
  • Search wikis by their title through the ‘All Wikis’ page
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Additional Wiki Features

  • Search wikis by their content through the ‘All Wikis’ page
  • Feedback button to report issues, request features or give feedback
  • Demo page on newly created wikis
  • Soft delete a wiki when deleting a teams tab or through the ‘All Wikis’ page
  • Ability to restore recently deleted wikis using the wikis recycle bin under the ‘All Wikis’ page
  • Export a wiki as a .zip through the pages sidebar or the ‘All Wikis’ page
    • Export all pages as HTML
    • Export all pages as PDF
  • Rename a wiki through the ‘All Wikis’ page
  • Copy a link to a wiki through the ‘All Wikis’ page
  • Import a Microsoft teams wiki to an IntelliWiki

Page Features

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Additional Page Features

Editing Features

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Additional Editing Features

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