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The security of your valuable information is our priority. This page covers the security practices and tooling details involved in the storage and management of your data. 

Services and Tooling

  • Data is encrypted at rest and in transit. All client and server communication is encrypted using HTTPS with HSTS.
  • IntelliWiki runs in the cloud using Azure cloud services.
  • Textual data is stored in an Azure SQL Database. The image content is stored in Azure Blob Storage. Authentication between the Azure resources is done via Azure Active Directory.
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Data Separation

  • IntelliWiki is a hosted multi-tenant solution for Microsoft Teams.
  • Authentication with Azure Active Directory is required for all interactions between the client and the IntelliWiki server. AAD authentication may be performed via Microsoft Teams SSO when using IntelliWiki within the Teams apps, or it may be done explicitly by the web client via MSAL.js if Teams SSO fails or when accessing IntelliWiki from a browser. The AAD groups listed on the user’s AAD authentication token correspond to the Teams teams/groups that the user is a member of; these groups are what control access to data within IntelliWiki. Some users may be in too many groups for these groups to be contained within their authentication token; for these users, IntelliWiki contacts Microsoft Graph to determine group and team membership.
  • Textual content is accessed via the app service secured by AAD authentication.
  • Images are stored with a 256-bit unique identifier and are loaded directly from Azure storage.
  • A future feature will provide AAD authentication for images via the App Service.
  • Other hosting models are available at additional cost, including on-premises, private cloud, and single-tenant data.
  • De-identified data is used for application metrics.

Data Sovereignty

  • All data in IntelliWiki is owned by the original creators. For more info, see our Privacy Policy or our terms of use.
  • A Wiki’s pages can be exported as a zip file of HTML documents and image files.
  •  A Wiki can be deleted. After 30 days, the content will be permanently deleted from our servers and can no longer be recovered.
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  • All services in Azure are set to automatically scale as necessary to meet load requirements.
  •  IntelliTect monitors usage and will adjust IntelliWiki to appropriate regions to meet user load.

Disaster Recovery

  • Revision history is a core feature of IntelliWiki. These revisions may be periodically thinned as they age. The following are the minimum ages:
    • All revisions for a week
    • Daily for a month
    • Weekly revisions for a year
    • Monthly revisions for 5 years
    • Yearly revisions beyond 5 years
    • Additional retention can be purchased
  • All textual content is backed up with Azure SQL backups in multiple regions.
  • Images are stored in an Azure Blob Storage Account with geo-redundancy. 
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