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Learn About the Advanced Features

IntelliWiki offers features such as collaborative editing and revision history, search, and text editing and other organizational tools. Learn more about them here.

Collaborative Editing:

Collaborative editing allows multiple people to work simultaneously on the same page. While editing the page, you can see the other users actively making changes to the page in real-time.

Revision History:

As changes and updates are made to the pages, IntelliWiki auto-saves the work being done. With revision history, you can see who has made recent changes, and even revert to older versions of the document as needed.


You can insert a @Mention of a user, page, or document within your wiki page to unify your knowledge base.  To use any of the @Mention functions, type “@” and the dropdown will give you the option to select users, pages, or files in one list.


When you mention a user, the wiki will notify them so that they can see where they were mentioned. This is useful in scenarios that require the expertise of a specific team member or the review and approval of a manager.


When you mention a page, you create a link from one page within a wiki to another. This is useful for creating a table of contents, or to link discussions or information from different pages for reference. When mentioning a page, you are linking to the entire page mentioned.


You can mention files on the wiki page. Files mentioned must be uploaded to Teams beforehand, but once uploaded, they can be mentioned by scrolling to the bottom of the @Mention drop down and selecting the file, or by searching for the file name or file type. Once mentioned, a file that is clicked on will open in a separate tab through Microsoft SharePoint.

Import a Default Teams Wiki:

IntelliWiki wants users to save and build their knowledge base, which is why IntelliWiki allows for importing of default Microsoft Teams wikis. When adding a wiki to your team, instead of creating a new wiki, or adding an existing wiki, select “import teams wiki”. All the default wikis in a channel will be imported as pages into an IntelliWiki. 


The search bar is found by clicking on the search icon in the tool bar. You can search and highlight and even find and replace text on the page. To search content across all of your pages, you must search in the personal IntelliWiki app on the sidebar of Microsoft Teams. Under “More Apps Installed” find IntelliWiki and it will open a window to search content across all wiki pages that you have available.  

Text Editing:

To help your collaboration further, you can change and control the appearance of your wiki content with text editing options. These options include bold, italics, strikethrough, underline, bulleted lists, numbered lists, paragraph setting, three different heading levels, copy and paste, as well as shortcuts for all these features. You can also highlight text within the document for an added level of organization.  The highlighting has been formatted to allow both light and dark mode users the ability to clearly see the text. IntelliWiki also supports spellcheck an English dictionary spell-check. When using code and code block, the shortcut “Ctrl + Enter” will exit you from the code snippet or block.


Tables can be added and used in your wiki to provide another level of organization. After adding a table, the default insert is a 2×2 table. Using the floating icons, you can delete the table, add rows and columns before and after the cursor, delete rows and columns. The table will auto-size to fill the entire page, but you can resize the rows and columns to fit your needs. If you delete one cell in a row, the remaining adjacent cells will merge, deleting all cells in a row removes the row. 

Recycle Bins:

To manage deleted pages, click on the options section of the page list (top-left on tool bar) to view your recycling bin. 

All deleted pages are stored for 180 days so that they can be recovered if needed, after 180 days pages are permanently deleted. You can also permanently delete pages manually.

Support for Markdown Types:

Markdown is a lightweight markup language that is designed for formatting text in a plain text editor. IntelliWiki uses Markdown for text editing, similar to Microsoft Word. See the list of supported markdown syntax within IntelliWiki.

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