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IntelliTect’s DevOps Category is the perfect guide for developers and operations teams alike. This category offers a wealth of knowledge about the integration of the people, process and tools required to deliver high-quality software in an agile manner from concept all the way to production. From articles such as ‘PowerShell Video: Desired State Configuration (DSC)’ to ‘6 Steps to Automate Publishing a VSIX Extension with DevOps.’

Learn to streamline your workflow with articles like ‘Azure Serverless Simplifies Cloud Migrations (Video)’ and ‘Using PowerShell’s Invoke-RestMethod to Access VSTS OData.’ With ‘Debugging Frustrations: A Senior Developer’s Story,’ readers can learn from an experienced developer’s mistakes.

IntelliTect’s DevOps Category is also perfect for those looking to learn more about Scrum. From ‘Scrum Master Check-In: The Sprint Retrospective’ to ‘Scrum From a QA Perspective,’ readers can learn how to incorporate Scrum methodologies into their own projects.

Through articles like ‘Essential .NET: PowerShell Just Keeps Getting Better’ and ‘Upgrading SQL Server LocalDb,’ the DevOps Category guides readers in software installation, configuration, and troubleshooting. Whether a developer or an operations team member, IntelliTect’s DevOps Category offers something for everyone.