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Employee Spotlight: Empowering Teams with Georgia Gillie

Fostering Powerful Communication through Positivity

Georgia Gillie exudes determination and strength both in the office and when training in the gym. She lives the characteristics she looks for in a company, bringing drive and transparency to her crucial role as IntelliTect’s human resources (HR) liaison.

“I look forward to making sure that I’m part of something more than just the job, and that comes down to the company’s culture and the team,” Georgia said.

When she’s not brainstorming ways to grow IntelliTect, Georgia spends time building memories with her two children and husband and participates in weightlifting competitions.

Georgia’s commitment to improving IntelliTect makes her a crucial player on the team roster. Her courage and follow-through on promises to advocate for the team are deeply appreciated.

“Georgia has been an awesome addition to the IntelliTect team, especially in hearing and understanding employee perspectives,” Jenny Curry, IntelliTect Software Engineer, said. “When she first joined the team, she interviewed every person at the company to understand what they most appreciate and what their concerns might be. Throughout Georgia’s time, she has been an advocate for me, and her presence as someone with a listening ear has truly made me feel valued and heard at IntelliTect.”

Understanding the Weight of a Leadership Role

While working in HR didn’t start as her dream role, her knack for policy, procedure, and conflict resolution naturally led Georgia to the career.

“I have a drive for making things more than just the black and white and creating a work environment that fosters growth and embraces people, rather than brings them down,” Georgia said. “Many key management pieces like coaching people, protecting culture, and helping people individually grow fell under the HR umbrella.”

Georgia’s philosophy of tackling conflicts head-on and reading situations with the best intentions possible ensures trust, collaboration, and honesty between team members.

“Georgia is a great listener and always assumes positive intent,” Stephanie Perko, IntelliTect Office Manager, said. “She cares and gives you her complete attention when she listens.”

As part of her commitment to providing the best culture possible for employees, Georgia pushes for improvement in all areas of IntelliTect.

“I’m always looking forward to growth, and that doesn’t always mean company size and money,” Georgia said. “It can mean many internal things behind the scenes that increase our efficiency, improve our culture and expand what we offer our employees.”

Building a Strong Team Culture

Although she’s still adjusting to the many quirks of working with software developers – like navigating a sea of headphone wearers who use unique coding lingo – the people at IntelliTect make the company what it is in Georgia’s eyes.

“We have people who have worked at IntelliTect a long time, and they’re just as accessible and willing to help as new people,” Georgia said. “That speaks volumes to the culture and the intentions of leadership that many other companies don’t have.”

Georgia’s integrity and passion for teaching coincide perfectly with the already established IntelliTect culture of building each other up.

We are so blessed to have Georgia on the team. She is incredibly independent, notices what needs doing, and then executes on it. Her people skills are phenomenal, and having her help with challenging HR scenarios is invaluable.
 Mark Michaelis, IntelliTect CEO

Championing Success In and Out of the Office

Like her approach to office intercommunication and admin projects, Georgia always looks for ways to improve her personal life. She’s dedicated herself to powerlifting and triathlons, switching between training for both activities to become stronger.

“I don’t like being put in boxes,” Georgia said. “I always have been somebody who fights against any stigma based on women or moms. Finding a goal and a bunch of women competing, lifting insane weights, and hitting world records has been very motivating. I like doing the unexpected.”

Georgia qualified for the national powerlifting competition one-year after she started training. She continues to compete regularly.

While some gain motivation from future recognition, Georgia gets satisfaction from the journey of becoming the best version of herself.

“I think some of our behavioral styles are ingrained in us,” Georiga said. “I think that’s where my motivation comes from. It’s something I can’t really fight.”

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Written by Nicole Glidden.

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